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Organised Activities
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Organised Activities

There are a number of activities that we can arrange for you from here at Vaimoana.

Château de Pommard

Umu & Cultural Demonstration

The Samoan ‘Umu’ or ‘Earth Oven’ produces some of the most delicious local fare you will try in Samoa. Hot rocks from the river are heated in a fire while the food for the umu is prepared. Local staples such as taro and breadfruit are peeled, taro leaves are picked and washed, and coconut cream is made from scratch, ready to be baked in the Umu. You are welcome to be a part of this rich cultural experience which takes place on a Friday. The experience is complimentary for guests. You will also have the opportunity to eat what you have prepared in the buffet dinner during the evening.

Please note that our umu demonstration is not always scheduled, and may change or be cancelled depending on our occupancy or other planned events. If you will be with us on a Friday, please contact for more information.

Château de Meursault

Koko Tour - Whittakers Chocolate

Did you know that the Va’ai family supply Whittakers with Samoan cocoa beans? We are very proud of our association with the best chocolate makers in New Zealand, and we welcome you to learn more about our koko operation. We can take you on a tour of our facilities located across the road from the Resort. Tours are $15WST a person and can be arranged at the front desk.

Château de Meursault

Fofo Samoa - Traditional Massage

In Samoa the tradition of massage, ‘fofo’ in Samoan is strong. We offer relaxing Traditional Massage Fofo VaimoanaSamoan ‘Fofo’ at the below rates, which can be booked at the front desk. Our masseuse will do your fofo either in the air-conditioned comfort of your room, on the deck of your fale, or out in the massage fale on the pier. $40WST Half Hour/$60WST One Hour

Château de Meursault


We can arrange both half and full day tours for you, to give you a guided experience of our beautiful island. Savaii Island has many wonderful attractions such as the Canopy Walkway, Alofaaga Blow Holes, Swimming Turtles, Lava fields and caves and many traditional legendary sites. Come and talk to us about what you would like to see, and we can arrange a great guided tour for you!

Château de Meursault

Village Walk and School Visits

We can arrange a guided walk through the village of Asau for you, which will give you a real inside perspective on how local people live. Tours can be arranged at the front desk when you are here on island. Would you like to visit one of our local pre-schools? Vaimoana provides a school visit tour where we will take you to one of our local schools. Our guests are welcome to make ‘in kind’ donations to the school (such as pencils, books, stationery etc).